Allowing orthopaedic problems to go untreated, sadly, means some people cannot walk at all.  For instance, children and adults adapt as best they can to issues such as club feet, bowed legs, and broken bones.  However, Project Mobility provides orthopaedic surgery and physical rehabilitation, allowing patients to walk correctly and live better.  Orthopaedic surgery is $350, $15.00 will buy casting materials, and $150.00 will provide physical therapy and braces.

For instance, this mobility project provides care for between 30-40 children suffering from disabilities.  Located in the Arusha area of Tanzania, this medical mobility project reaches more than 30 villages and communities.   Therefore, depending on the type of disability/surgery, the period in holistic care is from 3 days to 6 months.

In addition, medical staff and housemothers care for the children in a clean and loving environment.  Above all, nutritious meals promoting health and healing, with the premise ‘high love – low cost’ healthcare.

In conclusion, parents are required to pay only 15% of the cost making it affordable to transform the lives of their children.

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Project Location: Tanzania

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