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Quality Education

Quality Education

Quality Education Emergency with 57 million children worldwide are out of school in 2019

There is a quality education emergency with almost 900 million people unable to read or sign their names. Less than one per cent of what the world spent every year on weapons was needed to put every child into school by the year 2000, and yet it did not happen.

Helping their families survive is one of the reasons poor children are often not educated; they need to work instead.  53 per cent of these children is girls. Additionally, 70 per cent of children who are not going to school lives in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.  For instance, in half of developing countries, about a fifth of students do not finish the last grade of primary school and are missing essential reading, writing, and math skills.  However, progress has been achieved in the net enrolment rates of primary education in the developing regions, reaching 91 per cent in 2018.  After that, we are happy to report that Sub-Saharan Africa made a 20 percentage point increase in its enrollment rate from 2000 to 2018.  Also, the literacy rate among youth aged 15-24 has increased globally from 83 per cent to 91 per cent between 1990 to 2018.  Similarly, the gap between woman and men has narrowed.

Therefore, developing countries are missing out on the fundamental educational skills that form a student’s basis for all future learning.  In addition, education is essential to economic development, especially for poor people in developing countries.  In other words, citizens who can read, calculate, and think critically have better economic opportunities, higher agricultural productivity, healthier children, and better reproductive health and rights.

Launching the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in 2002 was for development partners to provide financial and technical support while countries work to develop and implement sound national education plans.  Currently, almost 50 developing countries receive support.  For instance, the partnership aims to expand early childhood education, provide free and compulsory education for all.  Above all, to promote learning and life skills for young people and adults, increase gender parity and gender equality, and improve the quality of teaching.

In conclusion, the draft of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) includes quality primary and secondary education for all boys and girls by 2030.   However, four million more trained teachers are needed to get all children into school.  Also, a scarcity of textbooks and resources and the issue of class size remain serious challenges affecting education quality.  Therefore, with your help, My Wow Factor Charity aims to support SDG for quality education to all boys and girls by 2030.  Please give generously.  Thank you.

Source: Global Development Group, Global Partnership for Education (GPE), Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, The Guardian.

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