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Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Orphans and Vulnerable Children


War and conflict in developing countries affect the lives of orphans and vulnerable children.  Often, with no family for support and no place to call home.

Orphans and vulnerable children around the world face many challenges. Their situations are complex and challenging.  In other words, Organisations work hard to find the best outcomes for each child.  For instance, it is possible for some children to return to their family.   However, others may not have this option.

Similarly, both government and non-government organisations consider the best options for the child.  After that, possibilities include foster care, small family-style homes or group homes.  Above all, each child needs their basic needs provided and consistent, healthy relationships with adults, education and opportunities.  In conclusion, Foster parents adopt approximately 60% of children each year.

My Wow Factor Charity partners with nonprofit organisations that support projects designed to enable these beneficiaries to offer children comfort, hope, and future.  Thank you.

Source: Global Development Group, Orphan Hope International, UNICEF, World Health Organisation, Global Health Organisation, The Guardian.

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