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Medical Needs

Medical Needs

270 MILLION CHILDREN IN THE WORLD have no access to health services for their medical needs.

The world’s medical needs reflect significant variations in health status between and within countries.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that especially in the African region, the annual rate of decline in the under-five mortality rate has increased.  Similarly, despite a significant reduction in the number of maternal deaths, the report finds that the proportion of births attended by skilled personnel, which is essential for reducing perinatal, neonatal, and maternal mortality rates, remains below 50% in the African region.

Reducing child and maternal mortality rates is part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).  There is substantial progress in improving nutrition, reducing morbidity and mortality rates due to HIV infection, reducing rates of tuberculosis and malaria, and increasing access to clean drinking water sources.  Nevertheless, only 37 out of 143 low and middle-income countries are expected to reach MDG’s of access to basic sanitation.

Therefore, preventing and curing many infectious diseases that continue to affect the lives of the poor is the aim of these medical needs projects.

For instance, each year, 2.2 million unimmunised children die

Also, every minute in Africa, a child dies from malaria, and every year, there are 350 to 500 million cases

74,000 children, HIV negative, passed away from tuberculosis in 2012; there are 9.4 million cases each year

33.4 million people are estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS orphans 15 million children

Volunteering surgeons, doctors, dentists, and nurses provide free treatment. For instance, they treat life-threatening tumours and cleft lips, perform palate repairs, and offer plastic reconstruction for severe burn-related injuries.  In addition, they also do hernia repairs, cataract removal, correction of orthopaedic deformities such as club foot, bowed legs, and severe abnormalities, obstetric fistula repair, and dental care.  My Wow Factor Charity supports partners in Africa who have over 30 years of experience providing free surgical operations and medical care to the poorest of the poor.  In conclusion, 50% of Africa cannot afford or do not have access to health care.  Become a life changer by giving today.  Thank you.

SOURCE:  Mercy Ships, Global Issues Health, World Health Organisation.

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