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Housing is a basic human need

Over 100 million people around the world have no shelter whatsoever.  A wide range of factors contributes to homelessness, from poverty and unhealthy relationships to divorce, unemployment, drug addiction, overcrowding, war and natural disaster.  Interlink these reasons with social, economic, political, and environmental causes.

The updated figures published by the United Nations show that there are 150 million street children.  Of these, 40 per cent are homeless, and 60 per cent work on the street to support their families. Therefore, street children lose their rights to emotional, physical, and social development as well as their rights to survival, health and education, play, cultural activities and recreation.  For instance, they do not have protection from cruelty and exploitation; they cannot participate, and they lose their freedom of expression and access to information.  Therefore, these street children miss out on playing a role in public life and exercising the right to make personal decisions.  However, returning these rights by providing shelter, health, education, and training is the focus of many fundraisers for the homeless. Conclusion,  your giving can help through My Wow Factor Charity right now and be part of the solution.  Thank you.

SOURCE:  Shelter 2.0, UNWHO



Here's how you can help

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