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Business Loans

Business Loans


Receiving small business loans helps borrowers who typically lack collateral, steady employment and verifiable credit history. Business loans are designed to support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty.  These loans also empower women and enlarge entire communities.

Employment histories for women in many communities lack what traditional lenders tend to require.  For instance, many are illiterate and are unable to complete the paperwork to get conventional business loans.  As of 2009, an estimated 74 million men and woman held microloans that totalled the U.S. $38 billion.  The Grameen Bank reports that the repayment success rates are between 95 and 98 per cent.

Today lending to women has become an important principle.  Similarly, women presently make up 75% of microloan recipients worldwide with the highest repayment rates.  Therefore, microloans are one factor influencing the success of a small business.

After that, ongoing business training support women in working their way out of poverty.  In other words, these women’s businesses create sustainability through their profits.  For instance, our tried and tested microloan model works through your giving to these projects.  Above all, you are providing work to some of the poorest women in rural sub-Saharan Africa.  In addition, microloan officers are local staff in Malawi who visit isolated rural villages by motorbike.  Similarly, they meet with those interested in receiving business loans and form training groups of between 12-20 members.  After that, these women train before receiving their first loan.

Similarly, the training covers subjects such as working together, managing your money, and understanding your rights and responsibilities.  For instance, loan officers use role-playing and games to make the training accessible to women with no formal education.   After that, the trained group members open a bank account and develop a savings plan.  Similarly, the microloan officers disburse the loans which have an average starting value of $45.00.

In conclusion, the businesses involved include market stalls, bakeries, and second-hand clothing shops. Fortnightly training continues to ensure the success of the companies, with topics including market research, pricing and profits, and business planning.  After that, during their training meetings, the women make loan repayments using their sales revenue, and these repayments are recycled to make more loans.  For instance, these businesswomen invest their profits in family needs such as food, medicine, clothing and education.  However, many make small, regular savings deposits toward a sustainable future.

Source: MicroLoan Foundation

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Supporting fortnightly business training for microloan recipients ensures business success.  After that, in these meetings, the profits become the loan repayments, which are recycled to make more loans.  Fortnightly business...

Empowering impoverished women through a small business loan creates the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their sustainable future.   In addition, your gift encourages women to adopt an independent...

Your giving to Project Poverty provides work to some of the poorest in Malawi.  In other words, women in Malawi need a hand up to work their way out of poverty...

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