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My Wow Factor Charity is a registered, non-profit, tax-exempt, online charity run by volunteers who say,    NO TO POVERTY, NO TO CONTAMINATED WATER, NO TO DISEASE, NO TO SUFFERING and NO TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING.
Our mission is to reduce the death rate of children under five and educate them for their sustainable future.

My Wow Factor Charity uses today’s technology to reach a global audience right where they live.  My Wow Factor Charity is one of our planet’s global caretakers willing to help keep alive children who are the most visible victims.  Political and economic systems in the world are the principal underlying causes of poverty, hunger, illnesses and easily preventable diseases.  Control over their resources and income is due to military, political and economic power.

Focusing on reducing the death rate amongst the poorest of the poor is My Wow Factor Charity’s aims.  The overall cause of deaths is related to a few critical areas of risk with an active environmental component.  We cannot wait any longer to get unequal income distribution in the world to change.  In other words, we must partner to keep the children alive to fulfil their hopes, dreams and desires for a future, one day at a time.  Similarly, you and I have hopes, dreams and aspirations that are possible.  Today, one day at a time, as we caretake together, we are making a difference in the future possibilities of a child’s life.  Above all, let us share a drink, a meal, a doctor, a dentist, a shelter, a school, a job, a loan, and a helping hand in time of need.

Supporting My Wow Factor Charity are global partners from non-profit organisations who have decades of experience working on site with the poorest of the poor.  Check out our maps to find countries, whose local communities through targeted projects are achieving sustainable clean water and sanitation, protein fortified food, health care and shelter — also protection for vulnerable children at risk, education and work for a future plus global humanitarian assistance.

My Wow Factor volunteers dedicate this charity to all non-profit charities – brothers and sisters who are famous for giving.  Your generosity is the wow factor that will help us change the world one project at a time.

A huge thank you to all our sources and all our global partners.

My Wow Factor Charity Non-Profit Accountability
Your 100% donation received has a third party 3% fee deducted to secure your credit card details,  because we care about your gift.

Thank you.

Together through our projects we can help change lives and communities all over the world.
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